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Latest updates

We have initiated potential legal action against Enfield Council in relation to the imposition of the LTN on our neighbourhood. A BIG THANK YOU to all who have donated and made this possible.  This is a sad day for local democracy, however, as we should not have been forced into this position. 


We must also give a big shout out to our barrister who has really gone beyond the extra mile to make this happen.


There are two different strands to what we are presently doing:


1)  We have, through our barrister, formally requested that the Council revoke the Experimental Traffic Orders that are causing so much disruption.


2) Again, through our barrister, we have sent a formal objection letter requesting that the Council launch a planning Inquiry to form an independent assessment of the LTN.


The objection letter is attached. Should you also wish to object formally to the Council before 31st January,  please do not copy this letter, but feel free to refer to it if you agree with the points made.  However, do talk about the practical impact of the LTN on your lives.


We also urge people again to respond to the formal feedback process via Let's Talk Enfield. We are wondering what else we can do to help people on this front, so do let us know.


Thank you again for making this all possible.

Roland Hewes