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Hi Folks!

People of Enfield have been sharing on social media the great harm done to our communities since the implementation of LTN’s in the Borough. We have seen the toxic effects of the schemes through displaced traffic and the danger to life through the compromised movement of Emergency services, a frightening consequence being played out during a pandemic.

As we are still not being heard we are now raising money to go legal. Many ask why we haven’t already done this, the simple answer is that we needed to find the right grounds to bring action against Enfield Council. As the Bowes and surrounding streets LTN has been done using emergency traffic orders it makes a legal challenge very difficult and we have never wanted to waste residents' money. However, we now feel we have good legal grounds to follow up with and would be grateful if you could contribute whatever you are able to in our fighting fund.

Here is the link to click on to donate: